This week, I’m taking a staycation. I’ll be dedicating five whole days to myself, away from work.

There’s this insistent feeling that booking off work must also entail booking travel plans. That was my original idea: to hop on a ferry, or jet off to Montreal for a whirlwind weekend. Which sounds great, but I often return from vacations more exhausted than when I left. Since committing to staying in Vancity for a short sojourn, I’ve relished in planning all I can do for myself at home.

It’s easy to spend a staycation flitting about with no plans whatsoever, and it’s definitely tempting; but I want to spend my time at home with intentions, loose aims to fill my time. This is my road map to staying at home.

  • No drinking. I enjoy a good drink every now and then as much as the next gal. Since getting plastered and destroying my phone though (a story for another time), I feel like a semi-sober November. I may still have a drink or two on my birthday—I’m not a saint. But I find myself more exhausted, more stressed after a night of drinking. Cozy evenings of chamomile are so much more appealing for this staycation.
  • No staring at my phone. As mentioned, I recently destroyed my phone. Fortunately my being phone-less lasted just a mildly painful 60 hours. In that time though, I became more keenly aware of how much I depend on a cellular, often unnecessarily. This was no more apparent than when I managed to arrive at a destination without the aid of Google Maps. I don’t want to squander my staycation staring at a screen.
  • Clean house. I’m moving in about two to three months, so a purge is on the horizon. Even if I don’t rid myself of all worldly possessions, it would be nice to do some laundry and tidy up.
  • Take time for friends and family, but also to be solitary. I enjoy being on my own. To reflect, to refresh, to simply rest. Sometimes being surrounded by people exhausts me, so all I can do is watch YouTube videos and zone out. While on staycation, I want to read, go for walks, and even—good heavens—take naps.
  • Cook and bake. I love food, and I fully intend on making stews and pies while I have some time off. Getting comfy with some green tea, a recipe, and a good playlist sounds like staycation-perfection.
  • Read and write. This is my chance to relax with reading and writing, rather than staring at text for work then coming home for more. I’ve been setting aside the same book for months—it’s time to take it off my bedside table and actually finish it.

Taking a staycation? Wanting to? Let me know what you would do with time all to yourself.

Featured image | Annie Spratt via StockSnap

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