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  • Pickle cocktails kale farts blog

    Pick(le) your poison

    A pickle brine experiment gone awry Pickles are my weakness. The way some people feel about chocolate, pizza, or scotch, I feel about a good, crisp pickle. A salty brine full…

  • Dropping fast fashion in favour of quality clothing Kale Farts blog Natalie Serafini

    Fast fashion and paring down

    Investing in quality clothing over a culture of consumption I’m not a minimalist at all. It’s one of the biggest reasons I rebranded this blog from the Minimalist to Kale Farts:…

  • writing

    A startup approach to cooking

    Failing fast in the art of cuisine If you follow this blog, maybe you already know: I love to cook. There are few things I enjoy more than sippin’ a little wine and…

  • Morning routine

    Morning Routine

    Our morning ceremonies What’s your morning routine? Do you leap out of bed, fix a smoothie açaí bowl, and go for a run around the Sea Wall? Do you stretch, flex,…

  • writing

    Allow me to reintroduce myself

    Kale Farts and rebranding the Minimalist So, why the rebrand?  In its previous iteration, this blog was the Minimalist. It’s an identity I struggled a lot with, like stuffing cramped toes…

  • Bowen Island

    Exploring beautiful Bowen Island

    Delicious food and rain-filled walks on the island I recently travelled to gorgeous Bowen Island for a rainy weekend away with my SO. We hopped on a bus after work one…