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  • Kale Farts blog vancouver, bc, pierogi


    Pierogis are the ultimate comfort food. Honestly, I’d be hard-pressed to find food that doesn’t give me comfort — maybe raw carrots? — but pierogis are on a whole. other. level. It’s…

  • Kale Farts blog vancouver bc blueberry bourbon smash

    Blueberry bourbon smash

    A sweet and citrus, bourbon-based cocktail My ex-roommate and I used to do monthly “Toastmaster” hangouts, back when we lived together: eves spent sipping cocktails, watching Golden Girls or devolving into…

  • Vancouver, BC lifestyle blog Kale Farts beet goat cheese appetizer

    Beet goat cheese appetizer

    Super simple beet and goat cheese appies, with fresh chopped dill Beets are one of my culinary passions. I’ve grated ’em up into chocolate cake, and used the juice to dye the…

  • Duck Confit Kale Farts blog

    Duck Confit

    Juicy, succulent duck confit drippin’ with fat I’m ALL about an excuse to throw a fancy-pants dinner party. It’s so fun cooking a delicious meal for a group of good friends.…

  • Spicy peanut noodles with chicken Kale Farts

    Spicy peanut noodles with chicken

    A delectable dish with spicy peanut sauce and succulent chicken Slippery noodles swimming in spicy peanut sauce is perfect for a delicious bulk cook. With an array of veggies and juicy…

  • Kale chips

    Kale chips

    I thought it was appropriate, as I launch Kale Farts, to try my hand at a classic kale dish. No, not kale smoothies, kale caesars, or some sorta sautéed kale. I’m…