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  • Duck Confit Kale Farts blog

    Duck Confit

    Juicy, succulent duck confit drippin’ with fat I’m ALL about an excuse to throw a fancy-pants dinner party. It’s so fun cooking a delicious meal for a group of good friends.…

  • Spicy peanut noodles with chicken Kale Farts

    Spicy peanut noodles with chicken

    A delectable dish with spicy peanut sauce and succulent chicken Slippery noodles swimming in spicy peanut sauce is perfect for a delicious bulk cook. With an array of veggies and juicy…

  • Kale chips

    Kale chips

    I thought it was appropriate, as I launch Kale Farts, to try my hand at a classic kale dish. No, not kale smoothies, kale caesars, or some sorta sautéed kale. I’m…

  • Bread


    A super simple, experimental loaf of bread “There is not a thing that is more positive than bread.” – Fyodor Dostoyevsky  I’ve never successfully made a loaf of bread. I’ve tried…

  • Eggplant lentil stew

    Eggplant lentil stew

    A protein-packed Moroccan-inspired stew There is nothing better, as autumn tiptoes into winter, than a full bowl of piping hot stew. This Moroccan-inspired eggplant lentil stew recipe from Food and Wine is…

  • Cioppino


    Cioppino: A simple, spicy Italian fish stew One of my favourite, perfect-for-autumn comfort foods has always been cioppino. The delicious, tomato-based fish stew is like an Italian twist on a savoury…