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  • The Girls book review Kale Farts

    The Girls

    “I knew how easily it could happen, the past at hand, like the helpless cognitive slip of an optical illusion. The tone of a day linked to some particular item: my…

  • Helter Skelter

    Helter Skelter

    “I may have implied on several occasions to several different people that I may have been Jesus Christ, but I haven’t decided yet what I am or who I am.” I…

  • Almost Adulting Arden Rose

    Almost Adulting

    There are certain pieces of literature you read at the exact right time in your life. Out of some magic happenstance, that text falls into your lap and presents itself, softly…

  • The vegetarian Han Kang

    2017 books in review

    My goal heading into 2017 was to “read more.” Well, if I’m totally honest, it was to read a book a week. I wasn’t quite able to swing it, but read…

  • Rupi Kaur Milk and Honey

    Milk and Honey

    “this is the journey of surviving through poetry this is the blood sweat tears of twenty-one years this is my heart in your hands this is the hurting the loving the…

  • The Vegetarian

    The Vegetarian

    “It was a body from which all superfluity had gradually been whittled away. Never before had he set eyes on such a body, a body which said so much and yet…