Almost Adulting

Almost Adulting Arden Rose

There are certain pieces of literature you read at the exact right time in your life. Out of some magic happenstance, that text falls into your lap and presents itself, softly whispering “Read me, choose me.”

That was Almost Adulting for me. I ordered it as soon as Arden Rose (one of my many #GirlCrushes) announced that she was releasing a book. It arrived in my life right when I needed it to.

Almost Adulting Arden Rose

You see, when I read Almost Adulting, I was still in university, staring down the barrel of graduation. I was hoping against hope that my co-op employers would retain me full-time. (They did, bless their hearts.) I was completely unsure what I wanted to do with my life. (Still am.) It was a time of uncertainty, anxiety, and some sweatiness.

I felt like I had to get my shit together. I felt like I had to have answers to questions like “What will you do after you graduate?” The only answer I had was “I’m going to flounder for a while.” Not, “I’m going to travel”; “I’m going to get a job”; “I’m going to go back to school.” No no. I’m going to flounder for a while.

Almost Adulting Arden Rose

Eventually, I graduated, got a job, and deferred on the big life decisions. At the time, though, Almost Adulting really comforted me. For an “almost adult” herself, Arden Rose imparts a lotta wisdom. Like, do your shit, but also don’t give yourself a panic attack over every little thing. In her playful, tongue-in-cheek way, she let me know it was OK to be terrified at the prospect of “real life.”

If you’re similarly uncertain, I would highly recommend giving Almost Adulting a read. I’m still not quite an adult, but I feel a lot more confident in that fact. I know I need to get my finances in order, plan more, and take better care of myself and those around me. But slowly, slowly, I’m getting there. And I think that’s worth celebrating with some avo on toast.

Almost Adulting Arden Rose

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