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Kale Farts Natalie Serafini

Kale Farts and rebranding the Minimalist

So, why the rebrand? 

In its previous iteration, this blog was the Minimalist. It’s an identity I struggled a lot with, like stuffing cramped toes into tight shoes. My friend Stephanie Trembath started the Minimalist, and asked me to join her beautiful blog back in 2015. She gave me admin status and edited the “I”s to “we”s. We co-hosted dinner parties and co-wrote posts. 

But the blog was never fully mine. Even after Steph left the Minimalist. Even after I invested hundreds of dollars and hours of writing and editing. It didn’t feel like mine, because I didn’t create the Minimalist. I only ever moulded it.  

When Steph officially left the blog last year, I initially resisted change. I left her content up. I maintained the Minimalist. It wasn’t until my darling partner, Cody Klyne, asked why I was sticking to the Minimalist identity that I realized I didn’t have a good reason.

… Why Kale Farts?

Kale Farts wasn’t originally a frontrunner, believe it or not. I was lingering on names like Morsels, Forkful, Virginia and Tonic — more of the same. Then, when I was taking a survey amongst friends, I jokingly mentioned Kale Farts.

And it resonated. They said it was catchy, that it sounded like me. Even my mom, whose original reaction was “EWWWWWWW!” came around after I explained my reasoning.

With Kale Farts, I’m poking fun at myself and the kale smoothie-drinking, Lulu-loving, gluten-free organic city where I live. Vancouver is pretty chachi, and the blogosphere is equally as hifalutin (if not more so). Everything is so curated and filtered, we only see the best parts that people choose to share. Well, Kale Farts is the reality behind the construct: we live, we learn, we eat kale, we fart.

Of course, Kale Farts won’t be all yuks ‘n’ gags. You can look forward to lots of recipes, book reviews, and personal writing. But Kale Farts is ultimately an invitation to drop the damn pretension.

Oh, and to eat your greens.

If you want to stick around, I publish every week, and sporadically in between. I also have a monthly/occasional newsletter, and whoa an RSS feed (who uses those anymore?)!

Thank you for reading! Now cue the Jay Z.

Header image by Maria Asselin-Roy

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